Companion Care

We Turn Clients into Life-Long Friends


Social interaction is part of a balanced lifestyle. A healthy social life allows people to enjoy the experience of living independently, without the negative effects of isolation.  Through our companion care program, our friendly caregivers ensure that our clients engage in social activities, participate in community outings and most of all, have fun.

Connect with a Caregiver

Individualized Home Companion Services

In order for a caregiver to become a companion, we believe that a special connection must exist between that person and their client. At A1 on One, we assign one primary caregiver per client. From the moment they start their Care Plan, clients begin building a relationship with their care provider – a relationship that often evolves into a lasting friendship.

Our attentive companion care services include:

  • Personal care
  • Homemaking
  • Caregiver relief
  • Social visits
  • Reading a book or watching a movie
  • Playing board games or cards
  • Safety monitoring
  • Sharing in a hobby
  • Transportation and assistance for errands
  • Pet care
  • And more!

Companion Care Starts with A1 on One

Do you require in-home companion care? Would you like to ensure that your loved one has a healthy and balanced social life? Contact A1 on One by completing the form to the left, or calling us at 519.281.9137 to book a free in-home consultation!