Foot Care

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Our experienced team of Personal Support Workers and nurses can help you to improve the mobility, comfort and overall health of your feet. For people in London, Ontario living with complications from diabetes or other conditions, we provide regular foot care to help you get back on your feet, and look and feel great.

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Advanced Foot Care Services

At A1 on One Home Care, we understand and value the importance of strong, healthy feet. For patients with chronic pain problems, regular foot care can help prevent complications and aid in early identification of problems if they arise.

Our advanced foot care services include:

  • Foot hygiene and assistance with proper footwear
  • Callus and corn care
  • Nail filing and cutting
  • Foot care assessment
  • Diabetic foot care assistance
  • Treatment of ingrown toe nails

Foot Care Services at Home

Are you looking for comfortable and skilled foot care services in London, Ontario?  Contact A1 on One by completing the form to the left, or call us at 519.281.9137 to book a free in-home consultation!